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SUPPORT: NoRep Boardshorts sponsors Alli DeFrancesco's English Channel swim

September 5, 2012

NoRep Boardshorts sponsors Alli DeFrancesco’s English Channel swim to support First Descents

September 5, 2012 – Honolulu, Hawaii – Alli DeFrancesco is 24 years old and a cancer survivor. She’s also swimming the English Channel on September 23rd to support awareness for young adult cancer.

Alli was a senior at NYU having health problems and didn’t know what was going on. As a collegiate swimmer, she had the problems checked out and learned terrible news: she had Hodgin’s Lymphoma.

To make matters worse, her swim coach, Lauren Kyle Beam had just a month prior been diagnosed with cancer while pregnant. Sadly, the cancer caused Lauren to lose her baby and eventually succumb to the disease in September 2011.

This month represents two years since Alli finished treatment and declared cancer-free. Inspired by her coach and her own experience, Alli took course to change the face of young adult cancer.

Months of intense training will culminate on September 23 as Alli takes the 21 mile journey crossing the English Channel. A typical Channel swim lasts 11 hours.

As a company founded with the ideals of activism, NoRep Boardshorts and Alli have made a strong connection. Alli is one of NoRep’s activists and to support her swim, will donate 30% of September sales to First Descents, an organization dedicated to supporting young adults with cancer get through treatment through action sports.

Alli’s journey can be found on her web site, Channeled In (

NoRep Boardshorts is an apparel brand inspired by surf, art and activism. From its birth in the flux of political turmoil and deep-seated, youthful unrest, NoRep adopts the Solidarity fist as a unifying symbol of action. Just as it has dutifully served revolutionaries—activists—through decades of movements and uprising, NoRep humbly employs the symbol with the hopes of revolutionizing a saturated, stale industry lost and disparate from its origins…to look at still depths and see not uniformity, but rather that perfectly sculpted wave for those brave enough to ride it.

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