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EVENT: 13 from Burton: A Contest of an Iconic Year

September 17, 2012

13 from Burton: A Contest of an Iconic Year

To commemorate an iconic year, Burton will be giving away 13 huge prizes between 9/15 and 11/5, including a full board setup, a trip to Vail and everything in between! New prizes will be revealed and awarded every few days on, so be sure to check back daily.

On November 8th, the grand prize winner will be announced and will take home all 12 prizes – whoa! That means enter now, and enter often. Hint: you can enter up to 13 times a day. Good luck!

A one-of-a-kind box set hand-made at Craig’s from leftover wood from the construction of the museum, including one copy of the Burton 13 Movie, commemorative tee-shirt, cap, and photograph.

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Award Prize Schedule

Prize announced September 19th, Winner announced September 24th
Prize announced September 24th, Winner announced September 27th
Prize announced September 27th, Winner announced October 2nd 
Prize announced October 2nd, Winner announced October 5th 
Prize announced October 5th, Winner announced October 10th 
Prize announced October 10th, Winner announced October 14th 
Prize announced October 15th, Winner announced October 18th 
Prize announced October 18th, Winner announced October 23rd 
Prize announced October 23rd, Winner announced October 26th 
Prize announced October 26th, Winner announced October 31st 
Prize announced October 31st, Winner announced November 5th 
Grand Prize winner announcement, Winner announced November 9th