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SANDY: News from NJ Retailer Nephews Skateshop + Gallery

November 2, 2012

News from NJ Retailer Nephews Skateshop + Gallery


Brian Woodward of Nephews Skateshop + Gallery in Port Monmouth, New Jersey (which sits a few blocks from Sandy Hook Bay and is just a few miles from the coast) has news and updates in the wake of Sandy.


"The power was restored to our home although the shop has no power. We lost power on Monday but there was minimal damage," explains Brian. "Still, even when the power is restored, it's probably going to take a week or two before businesses are up and running while we focus on more pressing issues."


"I've never seen anything like it, the whole coastline was affected - some parts completely wiped out...In the scope of things, we are definitely some of the lucky ones, even business a few blocks away from us weren't as fortunate," continues Brian. "There are local relief efforts underway, but townships are at capacity - everyone is doing all they can up there. I've been in contact with the mayor and he knows we're here to help."


Nephews in Port Monmouth, NJ is just a few blocks from Sandy Hook Bay and is only a few miles from the coast.

Hurricane Sandy: Help Those in Need

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