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SKATE: CoalaTree Introduces Jimmy Lannon to the Society

April 1, 2013

CoalaTree Introduces Jimmy Lannon to the Society

COALATREE Organics is excited to introduce Jimmy Lannon to the Skate Society, he is a talented Skater and one of the most creative and humble guys we have worked with at COALATREE.   We are looking forward to spreading this out to the industry through your respected outlet, thanks again for the support and let me know if you need anything from COALATREE.

  • Home town: Sarasota Florida
  • Current city: Gainesville Florida
  • Plans for 2013: Finish some video parts and spread Coalatree organics round the world!
  • Favorite city to skate: Atlanta and Puerto Rico
  • Favorite people to skate with: Anybody thats down to EARTH! All the homies worldwide!
  • Hobbies: swimming in florida springs, cooking with my wife, horticulture, Kung Fu, and natural medicine
  • Sponsers: Magenta skateboards, Lakai Footwear, Bottoms up, paradise wheels, westside skateshop, Krux trucks and now COALATREE!
  • Favorite plant to grow: Citrus trees
  • Favorite farm animal: Chickens\Pollo
  • Instagram: JimmyLannon

Welcome to the Society Jimmy Lannon from COALATREE Organics on Vimeo.

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