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SUPPORT: Noll Surfboards Live Auction Raises $4,600 for Stokes Me

September 20, 2013

Noll Surfboards Live Auction Raises $4,600 for Stokes Me
Press Release from SIMA

SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. (September 20, 2013) – Thursday night, Noll Surfboards hosted an artist reception to showcase Trevor Mezak, ending in a live auction that raised $4,600 for the SIMA Humanitarian Fund’s campaign, Stokes Me. The piece auctioned was a collaboration surfboard shaped by Jed Noll and painted onsite by Mezak.

The auctioned board was a refined version of a transition egg from the early 70s. The idea behind it was to create a board that would compliment the artist’s well-known sea turtles that he would be painting directly onto the board. The board also features a polyurethane core with a polyester finish glassed on fin. The deck has a reverse lay up of an orange tint with a blue tint inlay in the bottom. This board was a one-of-kind collaboration making it the perfect auction item.

The board itself went for $1,700, however with a little push from emcee and auctioneer, Scott Bass, the event attendees felt that more needed to be raised for the 11 humanitarian organizations that Stokes Me supports. When there was a lull in bidding, a shout from the crowd was heard calling that they would add $300 to make the total $2,000. From there, the spirit of charity caught on and the additional donations escalated from the crowd until a grand total of $4,600 was reached.

Surf legend, Robert “Wingnut” Weaver, commented on the live auction saying, “It was amazing as the bidding topped out and Scott had a goal in mind for Stokes Me. How the crowd responded – $300 here, $100 there, $500 over there... It was crazy. Shows that when the right people come together great things can happen! Gave me chicken skin to be there!”

Surf industry brands, retailers and consumers are all joining together this year to raise funds for Stokes Me, as demonstrated by the spontaneous charity at the Noll Surfboards event. The funds raised from Thursday’s event and the $35,000 raised at the Stokes Me Surf Contest will be added to the grand total raised from participating retailers asking their customers to add a dollar to their purchases throughout September. In addition, some brands are taking matters into their own hands by hosting events to raise additional funds. Rip Curl, for example, will be hosting a team signing in San Clemente on Saturday with a mega-raffle benefitting Stokes Me. Donations can also be made directly online at

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