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B$Z: +Swappow / Skate After School Collaboration Raises Over $13,000

September 1, 2014

+Swappow / Skate After School Collaboration Raises Over $13,000

+SWAPPOW Looking For Additional Action Sports Charity Collaborations

Phoenix, Arizona based non-profit initiative Skate After School (SaS) raised over $13,000 with the help of a successful IndiGoGo Crowdfunding collaboration and through using +swappow’s innovative mobile/web marketplace. +swappow is a newly launched marketplace where consumers, charities and the industry can swap, sell and share pre-owned action sports equipment for cash or credits.

SaS uses +swappow as a marketplace to sell donated action sports equipment and gear as part of their larger fundraising efforts.

Funds raised by SaS will go toward furthering the organization's mission to provide enriching and engaging skateboard-centered programming for children with limited opportunities.

News of the non-profit's successful fundraising efforts comes in part as a result of SaS’s close partnership with +swappow, a tech company which pledges to "Share the Ride" with 10-million more kids by 2018. 

"+swappow has been a vital supporter of our growing nonprofit since day one,” says SaS co-founder, Ryan Lay, “and with the help of the platform’s fundraising tool, we have been able to get boards and programs to the kids that need them the most.”

+swappow supports action sports-related charities and philanthropic organizations by allowing non-profits like Skate After School to use the platform free of charge as well as providing consulting and resources to select charities to run a successful crowdfunding campaign. A significant portion of SaS funds were raised through the non-profit’s collaboration with +swappow on the indieGoGo crowdsourcing platform, and other media.

+swappow founder Joe Dunnigan stresses the importance of partnering with non-profits. "Getting 10 million more kids on boards and bikes," says Dunnigan, "means reaching out, teaming up, and working together with action sports charities that share our vision."

Regarding SaS’s plans for the future, Lay is hopeful, “we're proud to say that Skate After School is now serving over 200 children at four Valley schools and community centers, and this is just the beginning."

About Skate After School
Skate After School matches talented and enthusiastic volunteers with Phoenix area schools to provide skateboard instruction to underserved youth. With donated skateboard equipment, SaS is able to engage students in a challenging and exciting extracurricular activity. Using the acronym G.R.I.P. that stands for Generosity, Respect, Innovation and Perseverance, the program leaders work to use skateboarding as a platform to teach valuable character building and life lessons through the program.
Visit or see the IndiGoGo Campaign at

About +swappow
+swappow is an online action sports equipment sharing and exchange community by/for riders anywhere. Launched in BETA in April of 2014, +swappow’s mobile and web based platform is designed to allow all of us to easily swap, sell, rent, lend or donate our old equipment, apparel and accessories either for cash or credits.
The Company’s sole mission is to help at least 10 Million more kids get riding and rolling by opening up a new price point and making quality pre owned equipment more affordable and accessible to those who are currently priced out of participation.
Download the mobile listing tool free from iTunes or go to