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E&I: Job Hunting – A Holistic Approach

April 27, 2011

E&I: Job Hunting – A Holistic Approach

When people ask me what I do, I explain that I am 1/3 marketing teacher, 1/3 coach and 1/3 counselor.  I educate and coach people on how to market themselves.  In many ways my work is like a typical marketing position where you are selling a product, however the product in this case is a person.  Sometimes I have to dig deeper if a client is having a difficult time getting in tune with what it is that they love, value and want.  Though this may sound corny, it is an integral piece of the client’s story and will help both of us when moving forward in their search.

I often meet with clients who have been applying for positions with little to no results.  It is my job to then figure out where they may be going wrong by taking a holistic approach to their self-packaging and strategy.

To be successful in discovering the root of the problem I must then take absolutely everything into consideration:

  • Quality of Resume/Cover Letter/References
  • What does the person value at this moment in their life? (i.e. job, workplace, manager, money, work/life balance, position status, family, etc.)
  • Are they marketing themselves appropriately?
  • Are they looking for the right things when it comes to the position they are applying to? (i.e. experience, education, skills, required vs. preferred)
  • How many positions they have applied to?
  • Are they following up? If so how and when?
  • Is their voice mail and email address professional?
  • Where are they looking for jobs? (i.e. websites, newspapers, word of mouth, etc.)
  • Are they keeping a spreadsheet of the positions they have applied to?
  • Where and how they are networking?
  • Are they on LinkedIn? Are they using it to benefit their search? (i.e. groups, contacts, job postings, title/headline, recommendations, etc.)
  • How many interviews they have been on?
  • How are they interviewing? What are they wearing? How are they answering questions? Are they asking good questions in the interview? Are they sending a thank you reiterating why they are the best person for the position?
  • What is their approach to negotiating an offer?


It is easy to just go through this process of job hunting without giving it much thought or asking for guidance.  However, if you want results you really need to dissect every aspect of what you are doing and make sure it is focused and tailored toward what you want.

Think about all of these aspects to the search and if you feel like you are not sure you are taking the right steps or doing things in a way that will make an employer fall over themselves to hire you, then maybe you may want to seek some assistance.  If you can’t afford a career consultant, either keep reading my blog or check out for a wealth of career related information.  You may also have a chance to win a 1/2 hour session with a career coach just by getting in touch with your inner comic.  Put your witty Facebook comments to the test by going to Career Comics and coming up with the best caption for the picture of the week.  Happy hunting!