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E&I: Invest In Myself? That Is So Not Worth It!

January 11, 2012

E&I: Invest In Myself? That Is So Not Worth It!
By: Meghan Oliver in Career

Would you try to sell your house without a real estate agent? Well maybe some people might but ask them how long their house was on the market and if they did it again would they go the same route? Would you handle your dental care all by yourself or would you invest in a dentist to do that for you a couple of times a year?

We invest in things every day. Some of us go to the spa to get a massage and a facial and maybe go to the salon to getninja_career_goals_dental_assistant_hat-p148880902722273782z8nb8_400 our pretty on and it makes us feel good right? Some of us invest in a financial advisor to get our finances and future in order and that makes us feel more secure. Career coaches are an investment. But don’t you want to invest in yourself? We spend the majority of our lives at work don’t you want to be happy in what you do and make decent money doing it? For a few hundred dollars you could have a spankin new tailored cover letter and resume and one on one coaching to better position you in the market. This will cut down your worrying and time spent trying to figure it all out yourself. Your ROI will likely be much better than if you were going it alone.

My point here is that in the current economy, where it is an employer’s market, don’t think you can just go right out there and secure a new position in a matter of a couple of weeks. Some people are intuitively amazing at selling themselves and networking but the reality is that most of us aren’t even if we think we are.

I was “called” and yes I said called to be a career coach because I wanted to help people be successful in their careers and I had specialized skills that could help them. It was something that I am still passionate about even until this day.

Yes I have my days when I want to strangle a client because they come back to me saying, “I am not getting results” and when I say, “Did you do what I recommended?” they reply with, “Well, no.” But even when I have “those days” they are few and far between and the successes offset these frustrating moments. There is nothing better than having a client say to me, “WOW this worked or that worked” or, “I got an offer!” This is what makes me feel gratified about the work I do.

I personally think everyone should have a career coach on retainer. Think about it? How many times do you change jobs in a lifetime, explore other careers, network, develop career advancement strategies, update your resume, prepare for an interview, apply for a job, negotiate a salary or a promotion, etc.??? Every time you go through one of these processes there is a multitude of steps and techniques you need to execute properly the first time.

Do yourself a favor and invest in yourself. I can guarantee that you will be glad you did.