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E&I: Ride Powder This Summer At Epic Snow Co

June 22, 2012

E&I: Ride Powder This Summer At Epic Snow Co

By: Juan Delaroca in Cross-Cultural Marketing

Many probably  know that I’m a big fan of snowboarding in the southern hemisphere. And with this past winter being a particularly tough one in terms of snow fall, it could be a worthwhile opportunity to make up for it in Argentina. I only got 4 legit powder days last season, with the first one not being until mid February, so the thought of traveling south this summer is very appealing…

My friend, owner Richard Vecini, sent me info on the latest Epic Snow Company offerings and thought I’d share it. Check it out, and if you have the resources and time, make it happen! Definitely a worth while cross cultural experience.

Juan's background is in youth marketing with an emphasis on action sports and Hispanic markets.