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Outdoor Industry Employment Survey Results

July 25, 2011

Outdoor Industry Employment Survey Results

In July 2011, conducted an employment focused survey of its Outdoor industry audience to find out what people want from career opportunities, what they’re getting, and compare the differences.  Approximately 270 people responded to the survey. Below we present the results and some insights. If you're interested in knowing more, add a comment in the comment box at the bottom. See bottom of survey results to find out what companies people want to work for most who don't currently work in Outdoor.

Of the 270, as seen below in graph, 68% currently work in the Outdoor industry, 74% have at least 7 years of professional experience, and 54% have been with their current employers for 3 years or less. (Notable insight - majority of people who have been with current company for more than 3 years earn between $55K - $120K +, and 45.2% are either so happy they don't want to leave or will not leave until after accomplishing certain goals.)

59% of respondents are compensated at least $55K per year.
Marketers were the dominant profession. Followed by Executives, and Independent Sales Representatives. (Notable insight - compensation numbers above are most likely a direct reflection of the top responding professions.)
When people think about a new job opportunity the two most important factors are Compensation and Work / Life balance (Notable insight - see where these two key factors come up below when respondents are asked to assess current employers ability to fulfill what they value most.)

Below graph represents the percentage of respondents who feel their company is doing "good to great" 10 categories. (Notable insight - some categories people are getting the most out of, they are the least concerned about. Reference "Flexible work schedule" above and below for comparison.)

51% of respondents will take a better offer if it comes along (37%), or are actively looking (14%). (Notable insight - the people who will take something better if it comes along, or are actively looking are most unhappy with Work / Life Balance, followed by Compensation and Benefits.)

People on "the outside" want to work for brands they know.

Are there specifics you're curious about? If so, add a comment in the comment box below. If we're able to provide the information, we will!