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September 23, 2014

History of Malakye

Malakye was founded in 2002. The founder, Chad Mihalick, saw an opportunity for a proven business model to be applied in an industry where it did not exist, action sports.  This would fulfill two of his dreams, to work in an industry that existed because of sports he loved, and to have an opportunity to build a business from the ground up.  Mihalick learned about the business model of Malakye while finishing college and working in the career center (to figure out how to market himself to the hiring companies), and he learned about the business of action sports while working at a friend’s action sports retail shop (118 Boardshop) and then later watching that same friend build an iconic action sports footwear company.

As time passed, the popularity of Malakye grew well past action sports.  Within a few short years, companies from the Outdoor and Bike industries found Malakye and began utilizing it to advertise employment opportunities.  Malakye’s popularity continued to grow.

By 2007, a crossroads appeared for Malakye.  Many new types of companies and industries wanted to use the website which did not fit its original intent a decision had to be made, draw a line and stay the same, or allow change to happen.   It was clear to Mihalick by this time; there was a lot of risk in both decisions.  But, he thought staying the same would be riskier than changing, so allowing change was the decision.  That change materialized in the form of functioning as a guide and not a gatekeeper.  Using the brand of Malakye as a beacon of what this place is all about and enable people and companies to use that as a way to decide if Malakye was right for them.

It proved to be a good decision.  Malakye has since thrived and continues to grow with purpose – to be the best resource for employment, business, and content in lifestyle-driven industries.  This is what we seek to provide and accomplish here.