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VIDEO: Jesse Burtner on the New Film, "Right Turn Left Turn"

October 10, 2014

"'Right Turn Left Turn' looks at the season of five snowboarders exploring the art of turning and everywhere it leads them. From a beginner’s side-slide to the perfect high speed carve, Think Thank Special Projects aims to show how the simple act of turning your board can unlock an entire universe of snowboard self expression. Chris Beresford, Max Warbington, Chris Larson, Jesse Burtner and Fredrik Perry explore the world using their snowboards both to interpret what they see and to leave their own unique signature behind. Whether it be carving groomers, slashing powder, getting weird in the city or lapping the local park, it all starts with a Right Turn Left Turn." -KidsKNOW Distribution

The film follows the athletes on their snowboarding adventures around the world starting with Baldface, Anchorage, Michigan, Finland, Laax, New Hampshire, Maine, Summit At Snoqualmie, Japan, Bear, Holy Bowly and then ending with more Snoqualmie. Jesse Burtner describes the process, "We approached the season differently in that we brought a very basic mentality to the shoots. Show up at a location and snowboard, just snowboard there, turn, jump, slide, whatever it may be, just ride, path of least resistance, let the freestyle happen freely."

Check out a clip from the film:

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