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VIDEO: The Trillest Troll on the Block: How to Make a Sneaker with Benjamin B. Trollins

November 20, 2014

Virtually every day we spend lacing up a pair of sneakers. Yet the process is sometimes largely unknown or even overlooked. Fear not as Benjamin B. Trollins and the Madbury Club is here to present the complex workflow to producing a pair of sneakers -- to be specific, Native's newest Apollo Moc. Breaking it down into the concept with Mark Gainor, Benjamin Troll hits the pavement to get some real-life working insights from some of the industry's favorite and accomplished designers including Kyle Ng, Kevin Poon, Greg Lucci and Anwar Carrots. Along the way the process touches upon how to prototype footwear through a storied Californian footwear maker before making moves across the ocean into China to meet with a factory owner to finally bring their concept into a working reality.