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EMP: SP Gadgets Announces US Rep Force

December 2, 2014

SP United, the parent company for SP Gadgets has hired reps for the US Market.  After opening a new office September 1, 2014, SP Gadgets has been opening new accounts and introducing new products for action cameras that are truly unique in the market.

“We have been so fortunate to be able to attract the best sales agencies in the US market”, comments Greg Hughes, SP United Sales Manager.  “We found these great people because of the quality of the product, our infrastructure, and the fact that we have inventory ready to ship.  Reps want to be successful and count on great brands to enhance their offerings.  We were able to do that.”

We welcome the following people to the SP Gadgets sales team:

Bernie Wheeler and Jon Kleintop - Southeast
Todd Causey, Ricco Lupino, and Kai Goree - Florida

Joel Olenik - Orange County, CA

Willy Morris - Seal Beach - to the Northern Coast, CA

Nikki Sternin - Northern California, Northern NV

Kasey Curtis - San Diego

Nichole Nemmers, Evan Riddell, and Matt Olson - Rockies, UT

Tim Parker, Travis Pritz, and Chris Thomas - Mid West

Jeff Hammett, Katie Hammett, and Daniel Barousse - Southwest

Topher Laws - Northwest

Glen Moncata and Tommy Moncata - Hawaii

Joe Weller, Jom Doherty and Nicolette Milano - New England

Chris Cooper, Adam Killiszak and Josh Berg - Mid Atlantic

Dave Ridgeway, Micha Bentley - AZ, Southern Nevada

For more information please contact us:

SP United, c/o SP Gadgets
3700 Newport Blvd, Suite 200