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VIDEO: The LIFERS Project | The Seasons Collection | Snow | Week 3

March 16, 2015

Today professional photographer Matt Alberts and the LIFERS Project released the third video recap for The Seasons Collection, their year-long photography project in collaboration with Cadillac. Matt spent the week in Jackson Hole, WY shredding undisturbed backcountry and capturing passionate, life-long-riders like Mark Carter (North Face), Griffin Post (Kästle), Jacob Urban and Willie McMillon (Bluebird Wax and Snowboards). 

Jackson Hole is an extraordinary place as people there have chosen to live in the small, secluded town yet still influence snow culture on an international scale. It is the same "under the radar" influence that inspired Matt to set off on this cross-country journey dedicated to documenting LIFERS: those who push the limits in pursuit of their passion.