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B$Z: Billabong Announces Support of SurfAid International

March 26, 2015

Billabong is excited to announce that it will be a supporting partner to SurfAid's flagship program in Nias Indonesia.  Running for three years, SurfAid’s program in Nias has successfully increased the quality of health services for countless mothers and children, while reducing mortality rates.  Billabong is also committed to furthering SurfAid’s mission to improve the health, wellbeing, and self-reliance of people living in isolated regions near some of the world’s most iconic surfing destinations.

From the inception of SurfAid 15 years ago, Billabong has provided support including efforts around reducing malaria in the Mentawai to being a key relief donor after the 2005 Boxing Day tsunami in Aceh, the Mentawai island tsunami in 2010 and most recently to the Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.  For six years, Billabong and its athletes worked with SurfAid to build a program in schools in the US, Australia and NZ that instilled in children the value of giving back and being good global citizens.  Design for Humanity in LA, Sydney and Paris also provided significant funding and exposure.   The ongoing support from Billabong has provided critical financial stability to SurfAid, helping to build a strong field team and award-winning field program.

Friday, March 27th, Billabong will celebrate its continued support of SurfAid with Founder Dr. Dave Jenkins who will be on hand to talk about their current projects.  It will also see the launch of “SurfAid September” - a global effort led by Billabong that includes title sponsorship of two SurfAid Cup surf contests and fundraisers in Malibu and Sydney.  In June Billabong’s athletes Courtney Conlogue and Dave Rastovich will be traveling to Nias to learn about the projects first hand.  Their trip will be documented and during the month of September the company will release video regarding their experience and what’s happening in and around Nias.

“We are excited to grow this partnership” says Shannan North, Global President of Billabong.  “We are absolutely delighted to be working in collaboration with Billabong on SurfAid September.”  SurfAID’s CEO Andrew Judge commented, “Billabong has been one of SurfAid’s longest-term supporters – always there when an emergency strikes.  This new initiative will take our partnership to a new level.  We are enormously grateful to Billabong for their support which has helped to save countless lives”.