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B$Z: Brian Lopes Seeks Progression Signing With Slytech Protection

April 6, 2015

At SLYTECH PROTECTION, it is our mission to relentlessly chase innovation through the implementation of high technology. The most authentic progression comes through close relationships between world-class athletes and engineers. The addition of 19-time World MTB Champion Brian Lopes is a large leap forward for SLYTECH PROTECTION and the world of protective gear. We are so excited to add such a legend to the family, and look forward to years of cooperation and development. Lopes is joining a stacked team of riders featuring Kelly McGarry, Mike Montgomery, Ryan Nyquist, and Luca Cometti.

Co-founder and lead product engineer, Carlo Salmini offered, “We are an athlete born company, it has always been in our DNA, and always will be. Obviously, signing a legend like Lopes is huge for us, but most importantly it enables us to further push product progression toward absolute necessity, functionality, and comfort. Having his experience and knowledge behind our SLYTECH PROTECTION will bring amazing new insight to an already leading product line.”

Lopes shared, “Joining Slytech was a pretty easy choice.  Watching Kelly McGarry take the hardest crash ever at Rampage last year and walk away was proof to me their protection can save my old ass.  And after 1 three-hour pedal with no discomfort in my first test ride with the kneepads I was sold.”

CMO/CFO, Federico Merle, shared on the Lopes signing, “Brian is an amazing athlete. His career has been nothing short of inspiring. At SLYTECH PROTECTION we refuse to make any compromises between comfort and safety, and we will always seek innovation through high technology. Working together with Lopes on both product development and marketing will allow us to create the most organic and progressive outcomes.”

Victor Sheldon, SLYTECH PROTECTION Team Manager said, “Having Brian as a part of our program brings experience and a huge icon to the brand. Brian is a great guy for us to work with and further progress the state of protection.”