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EMP: Mike Montgomery Joins Growing Family at SHRED OPTICS AND SLYTECH PROTECTION

April 8, 2015

We at SHRED OPTICS and SLYTECH PROTECTION are stoked to announce the addition of new family member, Mike Montgomery for SHRED OPTICS helmets and SLYTECH PROTECTION. Constantly pushing his boundaries and the level of progression within MTB, Mike is constantly on his bike and truly embodies the passion we all share here for rolling through the dirt trails. Montgomery is joining a stacked team of riders featuring Brian Lopes, Kelly McGarry, Ryan Nyquist, and Luca Cometti.

CMO/CFO, Federico Merle, shared, “Mike is really the perfect representation for what we’re all about. He loves every second he can spend on a bike, and is constantly looking for progression and adds a touch of his own style to every feature. SHRED OPTICS is all about living at the intersection of style and performance, while SLYTECH PROTECTION refuses to make compromises when it comes to safety versus comfort; it is innovation through high technology.”

Co-founder and lead product engineer, Carlo Salmini, expressed, “Working with Mike will be amazing for a number of different reasons, but for me as the lead product engineer I am ecstatic to work cooperatively on a new helmet concept and progressive protection products to leave our riders uninhibited and dynamic. We have always, and will always be an athlete born and driven company, and it is our mission to provide the best products in the market for our pros, ourselves, and our consumers.”

Mike Montgomery shared, “I’m super psyched to join the Shred and Slytech family. They have a great crew, and it will continue to grow. The SHRED helmets are on point, and I’m psyched to work on developing new gear. The SLYTECH PROTECTION pads are amazing. I can wear my skinny jeans and put them under and you can’t even tell. I know they’re going stand up to the hits they will take, and I’ll be safe. Look at Kelly, he’s still walking! I can’t wait to put them to the test.”

Team Manager, Victor Sheldon said, “Mike is one of the most versatile bike riders I've ever seen, he just has this natural ability to ride a bicycle. I’m super psyched to have him on our growing team, and to get his valuable input on product as well as work on some fun projects.”