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B$Z: American Mountain Guides Association and Outdoor Research Launch Climbing Fundamentals Series

April 14, 2015

American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) and its longtime partner, Outdoor Research, have released part one of a new video series showcasing the 12 principal climbing skills taught by AMGA’s certification courses.

Starting today with “Belaying A Leader,” the 12-part series will be hosted on Outdoor Research’s Verticulture blog and on The videos, released each Tuesday, will cover a range of necessary climbing techniques from belaying to rappelling and anchoring.

“AMGA is dedicated to teaching the correct fundamentals that reduce the risks associated with climbing,” said AMGA Technical Director Dale Remsberg. “We want these videos to educate the climbing community while inspiring nonclimbers to consider taking up the sport. Guiding is essential to the sustainability of climbing, and proper training is an incredibly rewarding process.”

The videos are a visual representation of AMGA’s core values — education, instruction, and bringing the climbing community together — and will be an on-demand resource viewers can come back to.

“At Outdoor Research, we appreciate the work that AMGA has done to help push the standard of excellence for mountain professionals. While these videos are no substitute for professional guide training, these new tech videos allow industry-leading information to be available to all mountain adventurers,” said Christian Folk, marketing manager at Outdoor Research.

AMGA has over 2700 members and offers more than 300 internationally recognized training courses, exams, and certifications. Founded by lifelong climbers and skiers who wanted to provide mountain guides with the tools and connections necessary to boost their careers, AMGA has spent the last 30 years setting standards for proper American guiding instruction and organizing a unified community of guides.