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Hey, Malakye!

May 14, 2015

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"Hey, Malakye!" is where we answer your job search and career-focused questions.


"I'd like to ask if you can share a bit of advice from your experience with recruiting. I'm an industrial designer with over 10 years experience including fashion watches, concept vehicles and consumer products. Currently, I am targeting a transition into active sports gear and apparel with Southern California based companies ahead of relocating from the East Coast. 
Considering recruiters primary criteria of expertise and location, what strategies might you share to help improve my profile with prospective opportunities in SoCal?"


Searching for a position from out of the immediate area can be a significant challenge, and sometimes it’s insurmountable.  Companies expand searches beyond the local talent pool when people cannot be found local and / or there are better options / people / candidates outside of the immediate area.  This typically happens when the open position requires specialized skills and experience.  I’ll use your background as an example, specifically Fossil.  If a company, say Oakley, is looking for an Industrial Designer to work on its watch line and they can only find two candidates in southern California, and they find you in Texas, it’s almost certain you’ll be considered a candidate because the pool is so small.  That’s the type of situation where you’ll have success in landing interviews.

Beyond finding a good fit, here are some things you can do to help yourself:
1.     Make a hit list of companies you’re interested in
2.     Contact direct hiring managers and recruiting representatives at those companies
3.     Let these people know your plan and if you’re willing / able to relocate yourself
4.     Apply to open positions that match your interest
5.     Find recruiters who specialize in your profession who are doing business in the area you want to be in
6.     Repeat

It’s a lot of work to make this happen, but if you really want to make it happen you can.

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