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EVENT: 2015 SIMA Webinar Series - Growing Great Brands

May 21, 2015

Growing Great Brands examines successful brand building from a number of perspectives. A brand starts with a simple “Idea of a Brand’ with the creation of new and innovative products for a specific consumer demographic. It is also begins with creating a unique brand name and distinctive DNA. Branding is also about marketing those products in a fresh and engaging manner. But that is only the beginning of the process of Growing Great Brands. We have all seen promising brands suffer an early death. The cause of brand death often can be attributed to inexperienced management, a lack of focus on details, or the lack of proper financing.

Growing Great Brands moves past the “Idea of a Brand” and focuses on execution. In this webinar we will view brand building from nine different perspectives:

  1. The Customer  - The Reason 4 Being
  2. It’s All About The BRAND
  3. Reset The Rules of The Marketplace
  4. Be a Servant Leader
  5. Have a Winning Team
  6. If You Fail to Plan You Plan to Fail
  7. Innovation Everywhere
  8. Manage the Key Processes
  9. Drive Financial Performance 

Obviously everyone wants to build a great brand that will become Iconic. It can happen to any brand; however success usually comes from doing a lot of things and doing those things well.  We hope that Growing Great Brands will help brand owners and brand managers to focus their efforts and build their success with sound execution.  

This exclusive SIMA member benefit is being offered to the public for this webinar only! Please join us on June 3rd, 2015 at 2:30 PM PST to watch, learn and ask questions via the chat feature on the site.

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