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Hey, Malakye!

June 2, 2015

"Hey, Malakye!" is where we answer your job search and career-focused questions.


I am normally a Director of Marketing / Communications and over the past 8 months, I have applied for more than 25 positions through Malakye (yes I was qualified for them lol). 

My question is, I have NOT heard once back from any of them and I don’t mean to hire me or schedule an interview, I mean not one word of “We received your application…” standard email etc.   I find that very unusual considering all the “form replies” I receive. What’s up with that?  AND how do I follow up? 




Hi Paula!

Thanks for getting in touch.  Unfortunately, you are not alone and it’s common to not receive a response to your applications.  Not receiving auto-responses is strange – you should get those.  Maybe they’re waiting for you in your spam or bulk mail folder.  The rest of your questions are not so straight forward to answer.

Let’s start with the toughest one – no response to more than 25 positions.  Even if you have held a similar job and even the exact same job title as the position you’re applying to, you might not be one of the best matches.  And if you’re not one of the best, then you’ll never get a response.  Figuring out what makes you “a best match” is in the details.  It’s our belief you need to figure out if you would be a top 3 candidate for a position.  If you’re out of the top 3 you’re more of a long shot.  If you’re out of the top 5, even more of a long shot and if you’re out of the top 10 it’s most likely not worth applying.  Here are some points to consider when evaluating yourself as a fit:

1. Have you done the exact same or very similar job?
2. Do you currently work in the same industry?
3. Can you identify the three main areas of responsibility of the position?
4. Do you have expert-level knowledge and experience with the three most important requirements?
5. Do you have about the right amount of experience? (Meet salary requirements / budget for position)
6. How long would your commute be? (If you’re out of commuting distance, then there needs to be no local equivalent for the company to consider you)

For each one that does not favor you as a good fit, you’re that much less likely to here from the company. 

On to the easy questions!

Not receiving automated replies – check your spam filters and bulk email folders.  If there’s nothing there, go back through the application process and pay very close attention to how it all works to find out if you’re missing a step somewhere.  You need to know for certain so you can know for certain your application is actually being received.

How to follow up – by any and all means available.  If you believe in yourself as a candidate, track down everyone you think is involved in the process to get in touch. 

Does this help?

- Malakye

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