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VIDEO: I Am Thalente, World Premier at LA Film Fest

June 10, 2015

UX Entertainment is proud to announce the world premiere of I Am Thalente, a feature documentary directed by Natalie Johns. 

Film Synopsis:
Thalente Biyela is about to turn 18 and needs to decide what to be when he ‘grows up’. Homeless since age nine, he is illiterate his opportunities are limited. At age eight, his first skateboard becomes his escape from turmoil at home, giving him a way to express himself, and access to a community of friends who become family. Skateboarding soon became the driving force in his life, providing him sanctity as he lived on the streets of Durban. An internet video of Thalente skating reaches pro-skater Kenny Anderson who offers to take him under his wing if he makes it to America. Thalente puts his heart and soul to the test to rise above circumstance and shape his future.


Principal Cast:
Thalente Biyela
Tony Hawk
Lance Mountain
Kenny Anderson
Guy Mariano
Production Crew:
Directed By: Natalie Johns              
Producers: Natalie Johns, Oualid Mouaness, Colin Kennedy
Executive Producers: Sal Masekela, Jason Bergh, Julia Lebedev                
Cinematographers: Natalie Johns, Lawrence McCullum   
Editors: Nayim Saati, Brett Bert Shaw   

Premier Date: 

June 15, 2015