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Hey, Malakye!

June 23, 2015

"Hey, Malakye!" is where we answer your job search and career-focused questions.


Hey, Malakye!

I keep applying for jobs that I am totally qualified for, but for some reason I never hear back from any of them. What gives?


Hey Stoneypartyvibes,

It is your email addres! You cannot use your personal / fun email address for professional purposes. Here are a few solid guidelines to use in making sure your email game is tight.

Create a professional email address such as "" Use an email address you made up a long time ago that eludes to your personal habits - like stonyvibes
Use a popular email service such as:
Gmail, Outlook, About Me, etc.
Use an email service from the 1990s - it makes you look "out of touch with today"
Stay away from letters or characters that are hard to discern like "0" or "O" or "l" or "l" Include your birth year - either full year or partial year - it's an easy way to date you
Keep it simple! Limit the length of your email address to a manageable number of characters Create an email address from a weird nickname you've acquired or an inside joke or use slang
Examples of Good Email Addresses:
Examples of Bad Email Addresses:

Hope this helps you in your journey!



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