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VIDEO: Brett Simpson Joins Shred Optics Family as the Face of Surf Team

August 21, 2015

At SHRED OPTICS we constantly search for the unseen, occasionally the unseemly, the boundary breaking style, and we eternally embed the performance and technology to shape our own trajectory. We are not what has been seen, and we won’t do what has been done. We are from the core.

We are so happy to welcome Brett Simpson to the Shred Optics family as we collectively move into the surf world. With a long and storied history in both the snow and bike worlds, surf is our next mission. We firmly believe in creating eyewear products with the perfect combination of style and performance, without sacrifice, and we meticulously choose our family members to align with our authentic desires to create and conceptualize the uncommon. Our athletes are our family, and they are not only our ambassadors, but they are the driving force that guides our passion. Simpo is a long time legend, and a truly perfect embodiment of the SHRED ideals.

Simpson remarked on joining new entrant into the surf world, Shred Optics, “I’m very honoured and proud to be a part of the Shred Optics squad, as well as to be the first surfer on board for the brand! I’m excited to work with them as they are firm in their athlete driven mantra. The shades are truly amazing, and each pair of sunglasses has the style we demand without sacrificing performance! Good times ahead.”

CMO/CFO, Federico Merle, spoke about adding Simpson to the team, “Moving into a new and demanding market such as surfing is exciting. We are so happy to have Brett join the family, and - as his fans ourselves - are ecstatic to have him help us to continuously shape the direction of the Shred Optics brand. We are committed to the simultaneous combination of style and performance, and so is he. All of us get out in the water whenever time permits, and joining forces with a fellow Huntington Beach local like Simpo to walk together into something new is something we have been dreaming about throughout the progression of our brand.”

Co-founder and lead product engineer, Carlo Salmini, shared his thoughts on moving into a new market with Simpson, “building sunglasses for surfers brings so many challenges. At the beach and in the water, sunglasses are exposed to harsh conditions and must be able to withstand the abrasiveness of sand, UV light exposure, salt water residue, and the omnipresent active and demanding lifestyle the love of surf brings. Trying to combine all of this technology and performance with style only identified with Shred is an exciting perplexity. For those where style is truly an extension of one’s own persona, we are certain our offerings allow for unparalleled and stylish individual expression without compromising performance because we constantly look beyond the common boundaries of material technology and structural research. Together with Brett, we’ll continue to design pieces, which are truly unique and free from compromise.”

Co-founder, Ted Ligety imparted, “As Shred has expanded we always knew we wanted to be aligned with surfing. We couldn’t have found a better ambassador than Brett Simpson.”