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B$Z: Ethical Footwear Collection Alice + Whittles Launches New Website

September 23, 2015

Ethical footwear brand Alice + Whittles announces the debut of its new website complete with illustration, motion, and interactive components from several international artists. The new site will deliver an interactive experience for users while showcasing designs, patterns, music, video and art specifically designed for the new platform. The new website comes on the heels of broader growth with the expansion of Alice + Whittles’ rubber footwear category.

Alice + Whittles’ founders Nicholas Horekens and Sofi Khwaja worked with graphic designer Matt Delbridge, along with Delbridge’s longtime collaborators Greg Privett and Ryan Dunlap, to explore the emotional and sociological significance of Alice + Whittles’ work. With a focus on bringing the user into the experience of creating its products, Delbridge and Privett worked with Alice + Whittles to build an environment complete with interactive components including music, patterns, video and other art forms developed by a variety of artists. As Debridge and Privett explain, “the idea is to highlight the simplicity, beauty and chaos of the collection. Ultimately the website will be an art piece in and of itself.”

Alice + Whittles’ new website will immerse the customer into the world of ethical design through elegant illustrations created by Brittany Keats Cerullo, Iain Burke and Zipeng Zhu. Other contributors include photographer Elana Staroselsky, 3D artist and motion designer JR Schmidt, motion artist Jason English Kerr as well as designers Helen Ip, Jeff Hunt and Bryn Waryan. Similar to the work Alice + Whittles does within regions across the globe; their belief in collaboration with artisans will now extend to their digital presence.

As Horekens explains, “a critical component to our mission is to deconstruct both the design and process of how fashion items are crafted. The process has led us to incredible collaborations with artists and craftspeople from around the world, we are excited to share some of that process in a new context.”

The new website comes as part of larger growth for the company, which includes the expansion of Alice + Whittles’ rubber shoe category for Fall/Winter 2015. To extend its work with its Sri Lankan partners, Alice + Whittles created several new styles, including a play on the best-selling Riding Boot in the Lace-Up, as well as low-profile shoes like the Oxford and two-tone Low Cuts.

Alice + Whittles’ new website launches on August 19th along with its Fall/Winter 2015 collection. For more information, please visit