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VIDEO: Nyjah Huston Drops "OMFG" Video Part

November 2, 2015

Monster Energys Nyjah Huston is ending the year on a high note by dropping OMFG, a full-length video part released in partnership between Monster Energy and Thrasher Magazine.

The Internet didnt see this one coming: Huston blindsided everyone with this video part, featuring game-changing stunts at the worlds premiere skate spots with its Nov. 1st release on

True to its name, OMFG is a real face melter.  The part features Hustons signature blend of technical street moves on burly gaps, rails, and hubbas – plus several never-been-done tricks (NBDs) at spots like the storied handrail at Hollywood High. Captured in full HD by leading skateboard filmers including Chris Ray and Russell Houghten, OMFG is over four minutes of unrivaled carnage that will have fans clicking the rewind button saying, Oh my fing God.

"Can't wait for this part to come out,” said Huston.  “This part has more unique tricks and will be a lot different than my other parts in the past.  I'm stoked for everyone to see it."

OMFG has been a long time coming: Huston barged onto the skateboarding scene as a child prodigy not afraid to tackle man-sized rails and gaps. He made his X Games contest debut in 2006 at age 11 and has since emerged as the winningest skateboarder in history, collecting over $2 million from Street League Skateboarding alone. Meanwhile, Huston is best known for raising the bar with progressive skateboarding right where it matters – out in the streets.

Hustons unparalleled progression has been documented in full-length video parts that are considered milestones of modern-day street skating. Released by Element Skateboards, his Rise & Shine video part won TransWorld Skateboarding magazines "Best Video Partin 2011. And while Hustons most recent video part, the highly anticipated Fade to Black (2013) racked up over 1.85 million views, OMFG dropped on Thrasher magazines website on Nov. 1st single-handedly shutting down the Internet.

Boom! Did someone just make a crushing entry into the 2015 Thrasher Skater of the Year race? Go see Hustons OMFG at and decide for yourself.

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