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EMP: White Sierra Hires Product Creation Team to Create a NEW White Sierra

December 8, 2015

White Sierra is proud to announce the creation of an enhanced Product Creation Team to help elevate product design in conjunction with its new “Find YOUR Outdoors” brand initiative.

For the past thirty-five years, White Sierra has built a consistent business as a provider of high quality outdoor apparel for the whole family. The company is keeping true to the successful retail model that's served retailers well, but adding more style, function, color, innovation, and technical features to their collections, in the hopes of introducing new, and re-energizing returning, customers around the White Sierra brand.

The change in direction is based on an investment in talent, driving innovation as well as creating a new brand identity. The hub of this team, and source of design direction, is Haiqin “Jenny Chen”. With more than ten years of experience as a Nike designer in a number of active and athletic categories, Chen provides background in active outdoor product design for a variety of end uses. As an outdoor-minded mother of three young children, Jenny is also a target customer who understands and relates to the White Sierra consumer. 

In addition to these full-time employees, White Sierra is investing in veteran talent in its Shanghai-based development office to focus on driving development, and delivery accuracy, with a goal of improving on White Sierra’s history of innovation from a fabric perspective  Additionally, veteran contract talent in design and merchandising, tapping staff with long histories with brands like Nike, Columbia, Eddie Bauer, Hanna Andersson, Royal Robins, Cloudveil, Spyder, and others, provides line management and experienced merchandising vision. 

“We are thrilled to welcome the new members of our Product Creation Team,” says Chris Elkins, White Sierra National Sales Director. “We’re excited to see our Find YOUR Outdoors brand platform come to life through innovative and interesting product.  The talent that is understanding and signing on to be part of executing that vision is a huge validation, and we’re excited to take this great new step for White Sierra.”

This team’s initial efforts were unveiled at White Sierra’s recent fall 2016 sales meeting, and been met with extremely positive initial response from its dealer base nationally.

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