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SNOWBOARD Shifts Focus to Digital, Social & Custom Content

February 18, 2016

SNOWBOARD, a 13-year leader in the snow sports media industry, is moving away from its traditional, print-centric content model to focus on its digital, social, and custom-content formats.

Bolstering SNOWBOARD’s digital and custom-content model is a proactive move to remain at the forefront of a competitive and ever-changing media environment where users demand real-time stories, and rich, digital content, and where advertisers demand metrics and a measurable ROI.

SNOWBOARD currently has the most print subscribers in the snowboarding industry. But these print numbers are dwarfed by SNOWBOARD’s digital and social channels that reach more than 6 million enthusiasts every month. SNOWBOARD is listening to its audience — and to its advertisers — by delivering content and messaging where they want it, when they want it, and how they want it.

The team at SNOWBOARD remains passionate about print, and will develop future custom projects rooted in quality, not quantity. SNOWBOARD will no longer rely on traditional subscription and newsstand models that have become particularly ineffective and inefficient for all snowboarding magazine titles in North America.

“Since its founding, SNOWBOARD has been rooted in quality storytelling and we will continue that tradition in the digital space,” says Online Editor, Jens Heig. “Snowboarding is an experience meant to be shared. Our digital channels allow us to do that, and grow this lifestyle on an unprecedented scale.”

As a small, independent company, SNOWBOARD has both the need and the opportunity to be more agile than its corporate competitors. Rather than struggling in a declining print environment, SNOWBOARD is proactively embracing change and positioning itself to thrive in the new media ecosystem.

As it has for over a decade, SNOWBOARD will continue producing premium snowboarding, art, product, and lifestyle content across all of its platforms. From long-form web stories and provocative short films, to custom projects and signature events, SNOWBOARD will maintain its focus on quality storytelling, while respecting snowboarding’s past, and telling the stories that will influence its future.