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New Domio Uses Micro-Vibration Technology To Stream Music From Phones Through Helmets

June 22, 2016

Helmet Mounted Device Wirelessly Transmits Music To The Ear Without The Use Of Earbuds, Headphones Or Inserts

Domio is a helmet attachment that uses micro-vibration audio technology to transmit audio through any helmet, turning it into a 360-degree sound experience. The device, which is one-third the size of a hockey puck, allows outdoor and adventure sports enthusiasts to wirelessly stream music to their ears without the need for intrusive earbuds, chips or pads.

A select number of Domio units have beenmade available forpre-orderfrom Domio for $49 USD via, a significant discount from its expected retail price of $109 USD. The price will go up as units are sold, until Domio’sfull retail launch later this year. The estimated ship date for preorders is Fall 2016.

“Other products block the ear canal, add bulk, and can potentially limit the user’s awareness of the environment around them, which can be very dangerous,” said Domio Co-Founder Sebastian Koper. “Domio is based on bone conduction technology that transmits sound directly to the helmet with micro-vibrations. The rigid dome structure of the helmet acts as a great sound conduit, turning any helmet into a 360-degreesound experience.”

Using Domio is simple. It is mounted to the helmet using one of the adhesive backed mounts included with the unit, which are similar to what helmet wearers already use with action cameras. Domio is then able to be attached and removed for use on other helmets, using a simple twist and snap motion. Easy to use on-device controls can be operated with one hand, by feel, even while wearing gloves. Domio’s auto-calibration software adapts it to the specific helmet and in 15 seconds to ensure the best audio experience.

“Domio is perfect for anyone that rides with a helmet and doesn’t want to deal with tangled wires or have their ears covered by bulky pads or annoying ear buds. It’s light weight, easy to use and let’s me hear what’s going on around me as I’m riding,” commented professional BMX rider Drew Bezanson,.

Koper and co-founder Bart Lipski grew up together immersed in outdoor sports and have spent years honing this technology. The pair are avid action sports participants with a shared love of snowboarding, kite surfing and mountain biking. Lipski previously worked at Google and Koper spent years as an engineer in the aerospace industry.

“Domio was born from our personal frustration with what’s on the market right now. Simple to use, it’s perfect for anyone who wants to hear their music, but also the world around them. The design lets you focus on riding without the distraction of buds falling out, cords tangling or rigid speakers embedded in otherwise soft ear pads,” said Lipski.