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SeatRack Releases Rack System to Control Interior Cargo

July 6, 2016

Do your toys fly around in your whip? Are you always looking out at your board for fear its getting jacked? Are you tired of the wind noise and crap gas mileage from your roof rack?

SeatRack solves very real problems.
1. The destruction and devaluation of your vehicle due to rips, scratches, tears to your interior when you load and transport your sports equipment and cargo.
2. Safety. Helps protect you, your expensive toys and cargo from shifting while you’re driving.
3. Protects against theft off of your roof racks.
4. Eliminates wind noise and reduced fuel economy associated with roof racks.

“Very convenient for solo or two-up runs to the hill or beach and quick trips to the Home Improvement store.Also keeps road grime and salt off our expensive toys.” saysthe creators of SeatRack.

“That’s awesome, wish I’d thought of it!!” response most heard when anyone first see’s the product.

“Use your SeatRack so you don’t get a windscreen crack” says Peter “PT” Townend

Built in the USA.

For more information, contact Glenn Brumage