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RVCA Celebrates Brand Heritage with Signature Red Stitch Program

August 9, 2016

Global lifestyle, fashion, and accessory brand, RVCA, celebrates its brand heritage with the signature RVCA Red Stitch Program—featuring premium tees with a custom fit and quality fabrics. 

When RVCA began in 2001, the brand introduced the market to a premium product—The Vintage Dye Tee and Vintage Wash Tee. Standing apart from typical “off-the-shelf” blanks, these tee shirts featured softer fabrics with a custom fit and a color palette that had yet to be seen in the industry. The tees were topped off with a red stitch along the shoulder, which founder, PM Tenore first developed as a trademark to the new offering. The new RVCA offering quickly became a favorite with retailers and consumers who appreciated the soft hand feel quality that could only be found with the RVCA tees. An industry standard was set. 


“Red Stitch tees have always represented a platform for RVCA to introduce forward thinking graphics tied to the Artist Network Program. Enlisting the work of creatives who made up the ANP, the brand offered artwork that was intentionally based around the artists’ interpretation of the “V and A” that make up RVCA’s icon. These ANP tees changed the graphic tee shirt category by shedding light on the artists who created them by adding their names within the garment, giving equal billing next to the brand logos.” —Pat Tenore


Today, Red Stitch represents soft quality fabrics with a custom fit. Whether tied to ANP artwork or simple timeless solids, these products are like no other in the market.  Beginning this August, RVCA will celebrate its unique position highlighting the Artist Network Program and the most premium tees in the industry through the Red Stitch program. These products can be found globally at better retailers and will be brought to life through point of purchase and window displays, socially through advertising to include RVCA advocates and through a digital campaign explaining the heritage product and concept.