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Survival, Self-Sabotage, And Your Free Spirit: Getting Your Inner Team In Sync To Win

October 26, 2016

By Leslie Juvin-Acker

The conscious mind has an agenda - to stay safe - to not rock the boat, to float along the tides of history, so that we don’t go overboard. The conscious mind has bills to pay, a reputation to protect, and people to answer to. This part of us is domesticated like cattle in a herd.

There is another part of us that battles with known safety and wants to take risks, jump off the ledge, that simply cannot be tamed. It does what it wants and does the job for another part that needs to grow in order to fully realize itself.

So, we have three parts of ourselves that are at conflict:

  1. The part that has to grow and evolve (our spirit).
  2. The rebel, adventurer who blazes trails and makes a way (our will, aka subconscious).
  3. The part that wants to fit in and survive so that our spirit and will can keep doing what they’re doing (our mind)

Often, we find ourselves in conflict with these parts. It’s like organizing the troops, or better yet, getting a pen of puppies to sit still. So how do we get our mind to call the shots in a way to channel our will to do its job effectively so that our spirit’s needs are met?

The mind is supposed to be the boss of the will in a way that it tells it what to do and the will gets to work. Ha. Try telling that to a life- long smoker. The mind will say, “I really need to quit smoking,” but the hand picks up the cigarette anyway.

Discipline is consciously commanding your will to do something and actually following through. How many times we’ve said, “I’ll get up super early to surf,” and actually slept in instead?

There’s something that your will needs more than what your conscious mind thinks it needs. It’s trying to help your spirit break through the confines of your mind.

For example, take a person who wants to find a job full time job in a company instead of the freelance business that they have. They’re doing everything they can to apply for jobs, networking, asking around, applying on Malakye, etc. But nothing is landing and this person becomes resentful towards the system. What their conscious mind hasn’t yet realized is that their freelance schedule (even if it doesn’t pay all the bills) makes this person available for their family, so they can help out at a moment’s notice; something a full time job would not likely permit them to do.

So, to help get the spirit, will, and mind working together, the mind would have to understand what the spirit and will actually need that mind to process and make peace with the fears regarding the family issues. This process would then help the mind to break free of the self-limiting behaviors and help grow the spirit so the fears are no longer an issue.

I know what I’m saying sounds like a bunch of psycho-babble, but try it and see for yourself. Observe the conflict between your parts and notice how if affects the larger groups, like teams and organizations.

Group behavior happens in a similar way. Group dynamics are always changing much like a free market and the consumer will seek to improve and streamline their life. The company’s leadership must recognize business choices to fulfill the needs in new ways. Markets (spirit) and consumers (will) are always communicating and it’s up to the business teams and leaders (mind) to be conscious of the needs and readjust patterns (methods, services, and products) accordingly.

How aware of your self-discipline are you? Are you in alignment or are you working against yourself? A house divided cannot stand. Trust your inner adventurer, listen to what your spirit needs, and make choices that will help you realize your own version of heaven on earth. You’ll be surprised as to how effective your inner team can really be.