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SAPHIBEAT Technologies Launches Kickstarter Campaign for PhiPAL

October 27, 2016

Redwood City, CA – October 18, 2016 – SAPHIBEAT Technologies, a Silicon Valley-based startup focused on developing leading-edge technologies for wearable safety devices, today announced the launch of its Kickstarter campaign for PhiPAL. A game-changing adventure monitor that can recognize if the user has suffered a serious accident, PhiPAL is a product platform that uses an activity monitor mounted on a sports helmet. PhiPAL works by providing real-time performance data that can be used for tracking the user and social sharing, and can automatically call for help in the event of an accident, no matter where or when.

PhiPAL was developed by SAPHIBEAT co-founders Carlo Ciaramelletti, a technologist and futurist with a deep understanding of the intersection of technology and business, and Marco Cavalli, an experienced engineer pushing innovation and technology to improve how people live, work and play.

With its proprietary machine-learning algorithm for accident recognition, PhiPAL provides a much-needed solution that can save lives of outdoor enthusiasts by recognizing when an accident has taken place. If the user is unconscious, PhiPAL automatically requests help, contacting teammates and first responders through a cellular phone or satellite connection. In normal mode, PhiPAL can augment the user experience through features such as performance 3D visualization, tracking and challenges.

“Announcing the launch of our Kickstarter campaign today is the culmination of two years of research and development,” said Carlo Ciaramelletti, co-founder. “The idea of PhiPAL came as a result of a ski accident in 2012 when I was skiing in Italy. I was fortunate to make it home safely, but shortly after my accident, another skier crashed in the same area. The day after, he was found dead. No one could find him because nobody knew what happened and where he was. Today we have the technology to make the best use of the ‘golden hour,’ that time after an accident when even one minute can make the difference between a tragedy and just an accident to remember. By changing how we use technology to save people’s lives, we believe that the platform is a valuable companion for any sports activity that requires the use of a helmet.”

Approximately one million people each year are hospitalized as a result of injuries from outdoor sports. Technology has evolved to provide users with a light, portable and enduring solution. PhiPAL is not designed to prevent accidents, but rather, to reduce the risk of an accident from becoming a tragedy, and in today’s world, it has many applications, from the individual sports enthusiast to team sports to first responders. PhiPAL is essentially the GoPro of safety for outdoor sports.

With PhiPAL, users can:
*  Automatically contact first responders thought multiple communication channels
* Ensure access to prolonged, sustainable power through advanced power management technologies
* Integrate tracking dynamics to help improve performance
* Log into an Adventure Planner to discover new trails experienced by other outdoor adventurers
* Create and share trails of anticipated routes and send progress notifications to teammates, family and friends
* Fit PhiPAL on multiple outdoor sports helmets

To back SAPHIBEAT on their Kickstarter page, visit

SAPHIBEAT Technologies is a Silicon Valley based startup company focused on developing leading edge technologies targeted to be used in Wearable Safety Devices. Its first technology vector to market is the PhiPAL, a platform that, using an activity monitor mounted on or integrated into Outdoor Sports Helmets, provides a wealth of data for performance tracking and social sharing, but more critically, in case of an accident, it’s capable to recognize the event and, if the user is unconscious, ask for help to teammates or first responders through a cellular phone or a satellite connection. For more information go to