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Chad Mihalick from and Leslie Juvin-Acker from LJA Coaching Present at FIDM

February 2, 2017

FIDM Orange County invited founder Chad Mihalick to talk with students at the campus about career development and job search strategy. Mihalick called friend and Malakye contributor Leslie Juvin-Acker to combine their expertise and provide a comprehensive how-to session.

Leslie Juvin-Acker kicked off the presentation by taking attendees through an exercise that aligns who they are as people with what they do in work. She focused on 5 core areas: Values, Needs, Priorities, Goals, and Purpose. Starting with Values going through to Purpose, then reverse engineering the process in a way that positions a person ready to search for that next great career opportunity.

Juvin-Acker brought her presentation to life in the room by working with one attendee who’s goal is to become a couture Clothing Designer. Chad Mihalick took over the presentation at that point and used the Clothing Designer’s goal as a basis for his presentation that outlines how to have a successful, productive job search that creates growth and provides a positive outlook along the way. Mihalick focused on three main areas, outlined below, and provided a very real world easy to follow approach. The three areas of focus are:


  • Decide who you are as a professional and know your expertise
  •  You are a specific solution to a specific problem
  • You are the constant; not the variable


  • Qualify yourself
  • Use Job Postings
  • Pursue specific people at specific companies
  • Recruiters
  • Keep lists and constantly update with all of your efforts


  • Interview follow up
  • Find people who can help you and you can help in return
  • Understand the value you present and communicate it effectively 

Chad Mihalick and Leslie Juvin-Acker are both available for speaking engagements. If you’re interested in booking them please contact: