Adrienne Fuqua


From the time I was 4 years old I was constantly drawing, painting, and playing fashion dress up. One day I created a "beautiful" crayola design on the living room wall of our apartment which my mom wasn't too happy about, but from that time on my family recognized and encouraged my talents. I eventually was accepted into the advanced art program in high school and then attended FIDM in Los Angeles where I received an AA in Fashion Design in 2003. My aunt recently sent me a drawing I created when I was 6 years old of clothing hanging on a rack which I believe destined me to work in fashion.

I have 14+ years experience in the apparel industry ranging from creative design, technical design, event & runway show production, social media marketing, and web design/IT. My experience ranges from Swimwear, Outdoor & Active Apparel, Fashion Apparel, for Men's, Women's, Kids and Baby. I have made an effort over the years to learn all aspects of the fashion industry. I strive to always be better and continue my learning. I enjoy working as a team and also work well independently. I love a challenge and I am a highly motivated individual that works well under pressure.

I would love to delve back into creative or technical apparel design. I have a tendency to lean towards the production side in a professional position but I enjoy having a creative outlet which is why I started my swimwear brand in 2012. A great passion project of mine that I have built from scratch on my living room floor.