Aaron Brenner


After receiving my Bachelor's degree in Industrial Distribution and Logistics from East Carolina University I made the mission across the country to began my career in Southern California. Upon my arrival I landed a Distribution Manager position with a large seafood company in San Diego, CA. My responsibilities where to manage a fleet of 12 truck/18 drivers and find the most efficient way to use them to complete our daily delivery needs. I also spent a lot of time assisting the operations manager in making sure the warehousing and production departments where running smoothly so that my distribution department could function properly. This position allowed me to learn a lot in a short period of time but I had my eyes set out on the action sports industry so I kept my ears to the ground and soon landed a position and a Operations Manager Assistant at a large BMX distribution company. After a short period of time I was appointed as the Team/Marketing manager for all in house brands of the distribution company which consisted of handling a wide range of tasks. During my time in the position I assisted with the designing, pricing, and forecasting of sales for our products, handled the production and delivery of marketing material, and served as the liaison between the brands and all sponsored athletes. While this position was something I really loved I have chosen to move forward with my career and hope to join another team of professional that can help me learn and grow as a business man.