Beau Guinta


I am a designer specializing in 3D modeling, rapid prototyping, rendering, animation and printing with an intense focus on precise designs and modern styles. I work at a professional level and am motivated to create impacting and lasting designs. I have been in the 3D modeling and printing industry since my freshmen year of college in 2010 and have not only learned a great deal since then, but have gained a lot of valuable experience. I have been awarded grants and scholarships while attending Arizona State University to research my designs and processes further, attempting to make a beneficial change for humanity. Currently, I am a representative for MakerBot. I have enveloped myself in the 3D printing industry and have soaked up all the processes, materials, and innovations as I could manage. I have an industrial style of modeling in comparison to an organic approach, and find myself excelling in a product realm. I am capable of delivering very precise and detailed models and enjoy the challenges one may face in every project. While attending Arizona State University, I was taught many different design approaches, methodologies, and beliefs from many different fields of design. I enjoy knowing what I excel in, what else is out there, and what I wish to master in the future. However, I have also learned best practices for design, manufacturing, and customer approval when many variables must be considered at one time. I am currently exploring new opportunities and am interested in a challenging, well-known, professional work place. Especially those that are consistently creating new and high end products which offer a sense of accomplishment upon completion. If interested, feel free to contact me via email at or my cellphone number 708.925.4580.