Peter Rogos


Van driving, snowboard riding, raft guiding marketing expert with over 14 years of experience with lifestyle brands. Following passions and helping others pursue theirs.

Strategic Product and Brand Marketing Expertise
• Sets clear goals together to drive trials that engage new users and expands the consumer base with budgets up to $3M+.
• Defines, innovates, and executes programs which build brands and increase understanding of product.
• Creates go-to-market strategies and executes vision across paid, earned, shared, and owned channels.

Team Leadership and Relationship Building
• Recruits, trains, and leads diverse teams of up to 50 employees statewide while continually reinforcing best practices and delivery of defined strategies.
• Coaches and empowers each team member to play an active role in the planning process to ensure a constant flow of fresh mission ideas to grow user base.
• Builds/activates strong relationships with partners, key opinion leaders, and influencers both online and offline.

Data-Driven Decision-Making and Operations Optimization
• Analytically minded and able to interpret data to make impactful decision-making.
• Establishes clearly defined objectives and measures success via completion time and feedback from clients, team members, surveys, supervisors, and other stakeholders.
• Directs budget forecasting, collaborating with finance teams for current and upcoming fiscal years while overseeing individual activity budgets.
• Looks for ways to optimize costs and generate revenue through cost analyses and forecasting all aspects of marketing operations.

Experiential/Event Marketing Expertise
• Coordinates all efforts with other departments, third-party vendors, volunteers, other team members, government entities, and community groups, leading meetings and ensuring buy-in from all parties involved.
• Oversees the planning and execution of special events, entertainment, and activities.
• Maintains compliance with state and local zoning regulations and health department regulations.
• Types of events up to 40,000 attendees and $2.5M budget.