Terrence P. Snyder


My specialty is clean and simple Luxury Based Marketing Systems. Within 2 minutes I believe I can convey what techniques I’ve used including advanced certifications, formal education and work experience as a hybrid hands-on Digital Marketing specialist. I quickly realized spending 4 years as a Digital Marketing Manager, 4 years developing agency marketing systems, and 3 years in web and design these collective abilities would be the future with marketing management positions. Technology: I’ve Implemented Digital Advertising Campaigns and Implemented SEO Keyword Strategies, Customized an All-In-One Content Management System which included Customized Social Media Templates for Web and Email Marketing. Created Information Architecture for these sites and systems. Other projects included Building, Developing and Maintaining Websites, Server Installs, Emails, Upgrades, Troubleshooting Web Servers and DNS. From start to finish I keep the marketing systems running. Marketing: Created Powerful SEO Keyword Strategies for Google AdWords, Direct Response Copywriting for Landing Pages. Websites, Blogs and Wiki pages. Determined Marketing Budgets, Tracking Weekly and Monthly Advertising Spend, including P&L. Evaluated Actual Spend vs. 30-Day Return-On-Sale Review. Continuous refinement in metrics lowered our annual advertising spending which allowed us additional revenue to help expand the franchise market. Not only did we grow, we expanded. Management: As a Marketing Manager during peak season there were 8-10 People in the Department. The other side of management includes project management and systems management. For the last 2 Years, I was the Dir. of Marketing Communications and Operations. These last few years developing the operations side helped stream our sales and marketing departments. 5 solid years Mapping, Developing, and Managing company Strategies with Technology, Marketing, and Management. My goal is to take these collective capabilities, drive sales and increase bottom lines and can work with senior stakeholders to implement the correct business strategies.