Ben Bryce


Dear Hiring Manager,

Thank you for taking the time to consider me for the Marketing role you may have available. I have worked in many different industries and the positions I have held have all been in marketing management. This has allowed me to learn what works universally and what needs to be adjusted to the demographic of the industry you are marketing to. I have also learned that in every industry it is important to understand the intended goals in order to efficiently budget and be able to maximize the benefits of any marketing plan. In addition to the importance of a well worked budget it is imperative you have empirical ways of measuring the success of the marketing plan. A
clear path of communication is key to ensuring goals are met while staying within budgetary limits. Beyond the financial aspect of marketing budgets I also have experience in other areas such as event management and photo-shoots. My familiarity with various computer programs such as the Adobe creative suite allows me to be a
hands on marketing professional able to personally design marketing material as opposed to just giving artistic direction.I also have extensive knowledge of the Microsoft office suite including excel and Google’s GSuite. On the digital side of marketing I have experience using google analytics, google adwords, social media platforms, CRM platforms, and shopify ecommerce platforms among others. I have created industry newsletters and externally distributed consumer newsletters. On a personal note I enjoy people and interactions which is probably why I have pursued marketing as my career of choice.

I look forward to being able to discuss with you in person more details about both my experience and the qualifications for a position within your organization.

Thank you for your time.

Ben Bryce
Marketing Professional

Work I have done.