Eduardo Otero, Jr.


I am an accomplished artist with over ten years of experience to offer. My most recent experience was designing User Interfaces (UI) and Heads-Up-Displays (HUD) for the video game industry. My tasks would include, work closely with Designers, Programmers, and Art Director to prototype and implement in-game HUD elements including front end menus and screens. Conceive and create HUD art assets (icons, textures, backgrounds, maps, etc.) that match and reinforce the art direction of the title. Design 2D concepts, 3D models and textures for both HUD and game elements. Previously, I was a Multimedia Developer II for a e-learning company based in San Diego. I Develop online courses using a mix of current technology; concentration on using Adobe Flash to develop courses to the company's specifications. I utilized Flash to create engaging, and interactive courses that blend sound instructional design and creative presentation into an online course. As an artist with your organization, I would bring experience and fresh new ideas with innovative concepts. Furthermore, I work well with others and I'm well experienced in working in a team oriented environment. I appreciate your time and energy. Thank you.