Eddy  Martinez


For the past 3 years I worked as a Social Media Manager and Video Editor for one of the largest recording, radio and film schools in the U.S. My focus was to create social media content and marketing campaigns, while maintaining online social media interactions and analytics. As part of my duties, I would create targeted long-term campaigns, write, shoot and edit videos and add all that content to the company’s social media networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter YouTube and Tumblr. From my years of experience as a Social Media Manager I understand some very important things when it comes to creating a successful campaign. I’ll share two of the things with you right now to pique your interest. This first fact is crucial; a social media manager must know when the best time is to reach out to your potential consumers. The second fact is to utilize videos to boost the overall success of a marketing campaign. Videos create an easy way to understand a company’s product and provide a real reason for consumers to follow a company back on social media; this action leads to increased brand awareness and of course sales. Every company needs someone on the inside who understands the current trends on the Internet and in the social media world and how to refocus those trends as it relates to the company brand. I understand how to make those connections, from trends to consumers to your company and I know how to do it through written posts, videos and other visual postings on social media. Phone: 818.455.9768 Email: thateddymartinez@yahoo.com