Trey Womble


I have vast experience in retail and wholesale sales, customer service, and customer relations. I have a deep history and am very passionate in regards to the action sports - skateboarding - surfing industry. I have great relationships within the skateboard/ surf industry market along the South East and Mid Atlantic region. I also respect the classics, the innovators, and the fore fathers of the fashion, surf, and skate industry. I have made the best with both marginal and great brands to gain respect as a sales rep and had success doing so. I have spent time rebuilding and regaining respect for brands, no easy task, but it taught me well on how to overcome objections. I travel my region on a consistent basis for sales presentations, promote the brands and the technology behind them, evaluate brand performance, and collect info on market trends and competitors products. I work closely with my retailers to make sure they get the right product mix and are hitting the seasonal projections I plan for them. I have passion, a vision, and a competitive edge within me to overachieve and do what it takes to be the best.