Elizabeth Beerman


Questions for Application Submission: • Name two photographers whose images were featured in Snowboard Mag Volume 10. Laurent Duhald Colin Adail • Who’s your favorite photographer in snowboarding and why? I would have to say Blotto is currently my favorite photographer in snowboarding. Snowboarding is so creative, it's a form of self expression as well as a sport, and Blotto has an amazing talent of translating that creativity into his photographs. Coming from an artistic background, I really appreciate his sense of composition, which is often facilitated by his unusual perspectives. He uses dramatic and ironic contrasts to capture the exuberance, silliness, and style that have helped develop the sport. • What product photography (brand & editorial) has stood out to you lately and why? I really enjoy Poler's product photography, for both brand and editorial. I first discovered the company on tumblr; I was strolling through my dashboard and one of their photos caught my eye. I ended up re-blogging a few of their shots without even realizing they were product photos. It was the content that drew me in, the advertisement was a subtle undertone. I found myself going to look at the product because I was attracted to the imagery. It is not just amazing shot after amazing shot, they use a range from landscapes, to details, to portraits. They do a really fantastic job of marketing and selling sought-after lifestyles. They use fresh and approachable imagery to share stories of interesting people that support the company's brand identity. • Who had the cover and main interview in Snowboard Mag’s Olympic Issue 2014? Rider: Terje Haakonsen Cover Photo: Ian Ruhter Interview: Nate Deschenes • Who has the best method of all-time? Terje Haakonsen Jamie Lynn Scotty Lago Nicolas Muller Taylor Gold • If you could shoot with any snowboarder in the world, who would it be and why? If I had to choose just one rider, I would say Kimmy Fisani. Knowing her personally, she is not one to just sit back and wait for instruction. She is creative and outgoing but never willing to sacrifice style for a bigger trick. From my experience with shooting snowboarders it seems that the best shots come from working with those who have the most fun and get the most creative. Like any partnership a job is always more successful and rewarding when the other person doesn't just want to be told what to do but is progressive and excited to get the job done. • What camera gear do you use? Canon body and lenses