Zane McCarthy


Zane McCarthy is a serial entrepreneur who has invented, developed or innovated a number of technologies from low temperature gas kinetics, body armor, and encryption for email to chemical coatings and visual safety products. He is the founder of International Preservation (IPC) a chemical manufacturing company directed at mining and energy companies. Prior to IPC, he was co-founder and CEO of Precision Fleet Brakes (now Fleet Physics), a manufacturer supplying cryogenically treated and coated parts to the aftermarket. Mr. McCarthy brought Fleet from concept to a multimillion-dollar success in 5 years. PFB’s customers included the United States Postal Service and Arvin Meritor Heavy Vehicle Systems. He and his brake technology have been featured on Jay Leno's car show. Mr. McCarthy also founded Austin Unleashed Wireless LLC; Planit Planet and Infiniti Consortium Corp, all high tech computer consulting and software companies. McCarthy co-Founded Hushmail™, a free encrypted email service similar to Hotmail™. Hushmail holds the patent on Public/Public key encryption and Ultimate Privacy Inc., which covers mathematically impossible to break encryption for sensitive data. He is also Former Director of Network Security for Akoura Biometrics and SVP for Research and Special Projects at In Touch Telecom.