Teddy Jones


Marketing is my true passion. My philosophy of marketing is “product evangelism.” This is a concept that you have a very personally strong belief (faith) in the product you are promoting. You want to spread the good-news (gospel) of the benefits of that product to the whole world. You seek out those who will not only accept what you are preaching but they will become followers (disciples) and go about to spread the news themselves. There has to be some excitement built around the product that ignites that fire within the hearts of the consumer. My style of management is that of a coach. I want to pull together the right team and encourage their talents. With a great team, you don’t have to make the plays yourself, but provide the right environment and playbook for success. My HR experiences to me have been close akin to my marketing approach. I believe that the duty of HR as well as management is marketing towards internal customers. In doing so, they are responsible for the corporate environment and culture that promotes teamwork and productivity.