Tracy Henslin


Hello how are you? My name is Tracy Henslin and I am currently Art Director at Chicken of the Sea. I am a senior-level creative manager with extensive experience in brand management, print design, marketing, packaging and corporate identity. A dynamic, self-motivated, passionate designer who has the drive and determination to take on all tasks both individually as well as in a team environment. An innate curiosity and eagerness to learn keeps me on top of industry trends. Looking to be a part of a fast-paced, energetic, creative team, I have a long and prosperous career, operating primarily as a consultative entrepreneur that has been immersed in a variety of business development and product launch campaigns. I have been employed in a variety of fast-paced and high-stress environments and have nonetheless strived to deliver superior service which enhanced client satisfaction. To complement my experience, I host a diverse array of skills, including expertise in sales and marketing and project management. In addition, I was awarded an Associates Degree in Graphic Design from Hennepin Technical College. I hope to join a creative team that has the same drive for perfection as I do.