Tony Thornley


I’ve been working in Human Resources for nearly a decade, am a graduate of Utah State University in HR Management, and possess my PHR certification. I am ready to move forward in my career. I’m a highly energetic and collaborative professional, eager to put my experience to use in a company with those same qualities. I’ve been continually growing in my experience, and have been able to apply my experience and knowledge to my work every day, something I feel I could also bring to your company. I have served in progressive HR leadership capacities, and partnered with managers and executives to serve the needs of the company and our employees. I have built several positions from the group up, creating the company’s HR processes, policies and procedures. One of my greatest accomplishments was writing and designing a policy and procedures handbook for DairyWay Transport. I’ve had the opportunity to train employees on new policies and retrain on existing policies, create and maintain employee files, and manage employee discipline. I have managed small teams providing great results to the organization. Also, I have conducted unemployment hearings in four states and won multiple cases in those hearings. I'm very familiar with employment law, and have managed employees all 50 states, with a strong background in Utah, California, Nevada and Idaho in particular. I’m also a quick learner, and eager to advance my career.