Elizabeth Welle


Growing up, besides for wanting to be Mary Kate and Ashley's Triplet, I wanted to be an artist. However, throughout my years of college, my idea of what I considered my destine changed. I was always interested in high fashion designs, and the "What's New" section of any magazine. But as the years went by, I found myself reading the words as well as looking at the pictures. I started thinking how specific themes made it to the media and why people liked them. What marketing strategies did they use? Who is their spokesperson? Where was it made and sold? My love of art turned into a love of wondering how it became so. I am currently Lead Production Artist and Pre Press Specialist at D.J.V. Label and Printing. I work mainly in Adobe Illustrator and In Design altering customer art files, or creating new art for clients. After a client approves a label design, I put on my pre press specialist hat and configure plate and page layout, trapping, and press checks to guarantee flawless printing. Also, I am owner and photographer of Stylized Image Photography. Both of my current positions revolve around customer service and satisfaction. I am a "people pleaser" by nature. Empathy is the tool I not only live by, but also what I try to instill in every person I come in contact with.